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Bad Food for Diabetics - Have You Excluded Them From Your Diet?

There's no one diet for diabetes. General guidelines exist, such as "eat less fat and saturated fat" and "eat more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables." Your diabetes meal plan must be based on your individual needs.

When it comes to what to eat and what not to eat for diabetics, advice is abundance.

With so much well meaning advice from various sources, it can be difficult to determine what food you should be including as part of your diabetic diet. Instead of what we should eat, why don't we start with the types bad food for diabetics?

Basically, a diet low in saturated fat with well controlled blood glucose levels that incorporates weight control, exercise (Tune-Up is on of the best choice, see ( and fewer refined sugars is recommended. Controlling blood glucose levels with diet, and in some cases medication, is the key.

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