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Total body exercise will affect the entire body. As you exercise on a regular basis, changes will gradually occur in your body composition. Often in the beginning stages of an exercise program, there's very little weight loss. Instead, the body is redefining its composition and firming up. The muscles get stronger and increase in size, and fat
disappears from storage deposits. The body weight remains the same even though there is a fat loss. One way of observing the changes in your body is by recording your body measurements before and during your exercise program. Muscle is firmer and takes up a smaller place than fat. You can often get a better measurement of the changes in your body composition by considering inches rather than the weight scales. If you want to lose weight during the first few weeks, you need to lower your fat and caloric intakes.

Tune-Up is an effective total body exercise for burning the body fat. It is also an instructional program which teachers you how to reach a higher level of vitality through aerobic exercise with resistance combined with massage, acupressure, and reflexology utilizing a massage belt.

The massage belt is a handle design and is convenient to use for adults and children. The exercise routine stimulates acupressure points, blood circulation, reduces stress, and improves posture, coordination, muscle endurance and muscle tone. It can also be used to relax body muscles. The massage belt can be applied to different body parts.

Tune-Up combines all five important benefits:

Enjoyable – A pleasant, positive response from the program insures compliance.

Safe & Simple – Reaching your goals should not interfere with other health conditions.

The program is simple to follow.

Effective – In a shorter period of time you should be able to reach all goals.

The energy you spend during the exercise program is applied for achieving more health benefits.

Universal - The exercise can be applied to different areas of the body to reach

different goals by people with different conditions, age, life style, etc.

Affordable - The price is a reasonable one-time payment.

You can start TUNE-UP with just a 2-minute session.

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