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Healthy Heart

Women who walk at least one hour per week may reduce their risk of heart disease by more than fifty percent, according to a study published in the March 21, 2001 issue of the
Journal of the American Medical Association. The study of nearly 40,000 women also showed that those who exercised the most had the lowest rates of diabetes, high
cholesterol, and high blood pressure. So even if your time is limited, make a commitment to exercise at least one hour per week. Tune-Up is the best example of this type of aerobic exercise that does not require too much time to get benefits. It combines massage, acupressure, and reflexology in one single system.

Tune-Up has all five important benefits:

Enjoyable – A pleasant, positive response from the program insures compliance.

Safe & Simple – Reaching your goals should not interfere with other health conditions.

The program is simple to follow.

Effective – In a shorter period of time you should be able to reach all goals.

The energy you spend during the exercise program is applied for achieving more health benefits.

Universal - The exercise can be applied to different areas of the body to reach

different goals by people with different conditions, age, life style, etc.

Affordable - The price is a reasonable one-time payment.

You can start TUNE-UP with just a 2-minute session.

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