"...Tune-Up is a deceptively simple, safe and extremely effective exercise system."
William C. Phillips, MA, President of Patience Tai-Chi Association,
New York

"Dear Mikhail,
I have been enjoying your tune up for my body; to be honest I had a lot of doubts about the effects training with this new equipment. It did not look like much to me. I play racquetball, still box and engage in some intense training.My back hurts at night so this affects my sleep, this can affect all of your life so there are days I have take it easy.After using your tune up system for 3 weeks now I have found that I am no longer having trouble sleeping, my back does not hurt when I lie down. This might not seem to be a great improvement in life but I have more energy to do the things I like to do. My mind is sharper because I am rested. I want to thank you for introducing my to your tune up system, my wife says I am nicer in the morning."
Laser Fishing Lure Corp.Bruce A Young, President

" I had a stroke during cancer surgery in January 1997. I also had blood clots in my lung which left me with 50% breathing capacity. I was on 4 liters of oxygen 24 hours a day. Since I started "Tune up" with Mikhail, I can do the "Tune up" without using my oxygen. I suffered from insomnia and now I can sleep well. I look forward to walking again and building up my endurance even more. I believe that this "Tune up" can help a lot of handicapped people. In the two months since I started with "Tune up" I have improved greatly."
Bernadette Krojchy, Pennsylvania

"As a medical professional, I use the Tune-Up program myself, and have personally seen the many benefits of this program. As a result of my use of this program, I recommend it to my patients, and they too have profited by this program. The program improves circulation, uses muscles you may not otherwise use, and also stimulates the acupressure meridians. It is particularly helpful to people with bad backs, improving muscle tone as well as relieving pain. It is easy to learn and has levels you can progress through as you develop proficiency. As such, it can be used at all levels of fitness."
Vladimir Zlatnik, M.D.; New York

"….When I have back or neck pain Tune-Up is my first aid"
Debra Klingel. Pennsylvania.

"…it (Tune-Up) integrates muscle toning, Cardio-Aerobics, and Acupressure. I highly recommend Tune-Up to men, women, and children of age after five."
Eric Goodman, University Professor, Karate instructor. New York

"…After the accident in 1991 I was predicted by 27 Medical Doctors that within a year I would finish in a wheel chair. Thank you Mikhail's Tune-Up I still have use of my legs."
Arthur Rall. Pennsylvania

“I use Tune Up for many of our patients in our rehabilitation program with excellent results. It is simple, effective, not boring and inexpensive system”
Olga Razumov, Olympic Center, Moscow , Russia

" Tune-Up is an excellent exercise tool that can provide a wide range of therapeutic benefits for patients with different conditions, including obesity, hypertension, muscle atrophy, cardio-vascular problems etc."
Christopher Demos, M.D. Florida

"Tune-Up is a very convenient and effective exercise program, which allows one to reach significant health benefits in a relatively short time."
Kevin Stempel, M.D. Ohio

"Mikhail Levitin's Tune-up program is an excellent exercise tool for a wide variety of patients."
Lisa Rokhlin, M.S.P.T.; New York

"After just one week of exercising with Tune-Up I lost 7lbs, 2inches around my waist, and 1 inch around my thighs, my energy level zoomed up and I gained in muscle strength."
Denis Bryzgounov, Pennsylvania

"I originally began seeing Mikhail Levitin, PT for a …loss of my muscle in my lower legs. …I feel the belt increases my circulation and actually stimulates the nerves in my back. …In addition, using the belt has increased my over all fitness…. I am now jogging and playing racquetball again. …Doctors had told me that there was little to do for my condition. However with Mikhail's creativity…I am now doing activities that I thought I would never do again."
Thomas C. Gross, New Jersey

“I am a 54 year old woman with a spinal cord injury. I was quadriplegic, paraplegic & have suffered disability for 30 years. My muscles were in atrophy. Recently my muscles have had returned in feeling, & their weakness causes spasm, on nerve endings. This is very painful. Using Mikhail Levitin’s tuning belt, I have relief from the extreme pain.” Loretta Polin, Florida

“I HAVE HAD PHLEBITIS FOR MANY YEARS BUT WITH Tune-Up exercise program I could reduce the inflammation in my legs and increase the stability. The more I do Tune-Up the more I like it”.
Kim Walker, PA

“I have been practicing “Tune-Up” every day since 2001, after my open heart surgery and four bypasses. Now I am 89 and I am in better shape then I was 20 years ago, I recommend the “Tune-Up” to every one who wants to improve their quality of life”.
Samuel Levitin, NY