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Muscular endurance is different from cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. It is very confusing to many people. Cardiovascular fitness allows the heart muscle, the lungs, and the blood vessels to work longer and more efficiently. Muscular strength allows the muscles to lift weight. Muscular endurance allows the muscles to work longer and more efficiently. For example, to move a heavy trunk, you would need strength; if you needed to run a mile to get help, you would need cardiovascular fitness; and if you had to carry canned groceries from the store to your car at the back of a parking lot, you would need muscular endurance. Good muscular endurance will help prevent backaches, muscle soreness, and injury.

Tune-Up is an excellent system for training muscular endurance in a safe regiment. It is also an instructional program which teachers you how to reach a higher level of vitality through aerobic exercise with resistance combined with massage, acupressure, and reflexology utilizing a massage belt.

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