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For years, overweight adults have been told that obesity is the worst of health problems. It has been proven the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some forms of cancer will increase with too much body fat. However, a study in the March 1999 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that overweight men who were physically fit were less likely to die of all causes, including cardiovascular disease, than men who were lean but unfit.

This is good news for overweight people who are physically fit. It is also a good reason for overweight people who are not fit to begin a fitness program. It means that it is possible to be overweight and still reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease by becoming
physically fit.

There is a growing crisis in our nation. Childhood obesity threatens one in three kids with long-term health problems. To help promote youth fitness, daily physical education must become part of the core curriculum in all grades (K-12). Many schools over the past two
decades have eliminated physical education in order to replace these classes with academic instruction. However, the result has not increased levels of academic achievement but increased levels of obesity. The lack of daily PE along with the increased amount of time playing computer games has had a staggering effect on the health of our nation's youth. Most children are not getting the 30-minute daily
physical activity recommendation of the Surgeon General.

With Tune-Up you can start just with 2-minut session and still get benefits. Tune-Up is an instructional program which teachers you how to reach a higher level of vitality through aerobic exercise with resistance combined with massage, acupressure, and reflexology utilizing a massage belt.

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