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The psychological benefits of exercise have not been scientifically proven, but most people find a more positive outlook on life and a feeling of calmness as a result of regular exercise. Some people have reported exercise is a way of diverting the mind from everyday responsibilities or a means of stress reduction and relaxation.

Many employers now realize the value of exercise in relationship to work productivity. More and more companies are providing on-site exercise facilities. People in these organizations reported feeling more focused and mentally alert after using the exercise facilities on a regular basis. Often a feeling of accomplishment from regular workouts, interaction with other employees, and improved overall fitness increased the morale of the workers.

We have known for centuries the concept of the total person: mind, body, and spirit. Philosophers and psychological experts have discussed in detail the importance of this concept. Physical activity strengthens the quality of a person's life and increases the sense of total well-being. It is worth the time and effort to engage in regular physical activity at home or your work site.

Tune-Up is the best example of this type of physical activity, which combines massage, acupressure, and reflexology in one single system.

Tune-Up has all five important benefits:

Enjoyable – A pleasant, positive response from the program insures compliance.

Safe & Simple – Reaching your goals should not interfere with other health conditions.

The program is simple to follow.

Effective – In a shorter period of time you should be able to reach all goals.

The energy you spend during the exercise program is applied for achieving more health benefits.

Universal - The exercise can be applied to different areas of the body to reach

different goals by people with different conditions, age, life style, etc.

Affordable - The price is a reasonable one-time payment.

You can start TUNE-UP with just a 2-minute session.

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