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Fat and muscle are two different kinds of tissue. Exercise will not change fat into muscle nor will the lack of exercise change muscle into fat. Physical exercise can only tone or increase muscle tissue. To reduce the amount of unwanted fat in certain areas of your body, you must reduce the size of the existing fat cells in these areas.
When exercising, fat is released from various fat storage cells throughout the body, not just one area, and converted into energy to be used by the muscles. Exercise combined with a reduced-calorie diet can lead to a leaner appearance with the possibility of noticeable muscle definition.

Fat patterning is also a genetic component of fat storage in the body. This means that your body will draw fat for fuel from a genetic pattern. For example, you may do stomach curls to achieve flat abdominal muscles, but due to fat patterning your efforts may lead to fat reduction in another area of your body. In fact, most women tend to have a small amount of extra fat around their abdominal muscles.

What can you do if you have too much fat on your thighs, stomach, hips, or upper arms? A comprehensive fitness and nutrition program can help you lower your body fat and tone the muscles. To get the results you wish for in losing fat from certain parts of your body, you'll have to start with just 2-minut session “Tune-Up” and gradually increase the time of the session for the best results!

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