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Tune-Up is the Complete Exercise Maintenance System that helps to achieve high-level vitality through aerobic exercise with resistance combined with massage, acupressure, and reflexology utilizing a massage belt and three-level instructional program.

Almost all of my patients (99%) have tried different types of exercises but did not exercise routinely until they discovered Tune-Up. The “Tune-Up” system effectively reduces muscle spasms while increasing muscle tone.

This program has all 5 basic benefits:

  1. Enjoyable – When you like the program, chances are that you will stay with it. Tune-Up is based on a positive response to a therapeutic touch.
  2. Safe & Simple – Reaching one’s goal should not interfere with other health conditions. The program is simple to follow.
  3. Effective – You discover how to reach several goals in a shorter period of time. The energy you spend with Tune-Up is utilized for achieving more health benefits.
  4. Universal - Tune-Up can be used by people with different conditions, age, life style, etc. resulting in multiple benefits.
  5. Affordable - The cost of the lifetime maintenance program is less then one session of massage therapy.

You can start “Tune-Up” with just a 2-minute session now!